Light Fixture At O&B Restaurant

33 Yonge Street | Toronto

Light Fixture At O&B RestaurantIn partnership with Group 5 & Viso Lighting, our goal was to create a memorable light fixture for the space’s bar. Complete with intricate laser cut uprights, rolled interlocking tubes, structural supports, brass plating and powder-coating, the project came to life. With an extraordinary footprint of 17′ in height and 16′ wide, on-site installation was a must and a crucial element of the project.. Bolted connection points were designed to ensure convenient shipping and streamlined assembly.

Fabrication consisted of extremely detailed alignments of mere 1/32 of an inch to ensure proper structural stability and execution of the vision. With certain challenges naturally arising, use of our in-house fabrication designer proved necessary and valuable. Finishing of the piece required both powder-coating and brass plating to take it’s beauty to the level of it’s brawn.

Phase three of the project was on-site installation. The modular design allowed for piece-by-piece assembly from the base up. A large steel footing was anchored to the cement base which was comprehensively designed by structural engineers to guarantee the fixture’s security. The antique brass-plated trims and arches were then inserted with the fine details following. Electrical wiring was completed and voila! This stunning, towering light fixture was unleashed.

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